Step into the heat of the desert and the grand towns built around the busy bazaars. Create elaborate house and palace interiors and make your Arabian night dreams come true.

This middle-Eastern inspired set will help you create the perfect Arabian town. Highly detailed decorative pieces and a rich palette will make your location a joy to explore.

This resource pack contains:

  • 5 outside wall auto-tiles
  • 5 inside wall auto-tiles
  • Cobblestone, sand and carpet floor tiles
  • Complete TileB tileset for decorating the outer town
  • Complete TileC tileset for decorating the inner rooms
  • 2 animated fountains
  • 3 animated doors
  • Extras: camel stable and recolored crates

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As a bonus we're giving everyone a free song for use in your games! Download it in the player on the right.

This, and two more Arabian Nights tracks in WAV, OGG, and MP3 format are free with purchase.