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Better Than Buying An Album
For this low price you get a prime selection of instrumentals that you can use royalty free in your commercial and non-commercial RPG/IG Maker projects.

Add a touch of darkness to your games.

Just in time for Halloween!

The Blackheart Power Music Pack features 18 instrumental tracks that will give your game a unique touch of darkness.

RPG/IG Maker Friendly
Featuring looped OGG Vorbis files for RPG Maker VX/Ace and WAVs for IG Maker.

Includes MP3s
Ever just want to listen to the music from your game? The MP3 version of these tracks are included as a bonus!

Bring Some Excitement To Your Soundtrack!

Most of the music you hear in RPG/IG Maker games consists of digital compositions and while there isn't anything wrong with that it can be nice to hear a real guitar wail in the background while you put the smack down on a boss fight or explore a treacherous dungeon.

The Blackheart Power from Kain Vinosec will make your game stand out, make your soundtrack rock, and immerse the gamers in darkness.

Feel Free To Have A Listen
Just in case you're still not convinced that these tracks will make your project veer to the dark side you can check out a few of the full tracks in the player to the right.

Buy The Blackheart Power Only $4.99!


A Bonus Within A Bonus
7 tracks not enough for you? We've thrown in Kain's mini-album Undead Fantasy just to add to the awesome! This album originally featured 10 instrumental tracks with a bit of an edge to them but just for RPG Maker fans, we've added an 11th song to Undead Fantasy that was previously unreleased! That means that you get 18 tracks for the low price of $4.99!

Time For Another Bonus
Still not convinced? We're also including a Gothic Tiles Add-On Pack made by Lunarea! Inside you'll find some lovely tiles and furniture to give your game a dark gothic-styled presence. Set your scene to some of the tunes and enjoy the atmosphere of an evil lair or creepy mansion.

Here's One More Bonus Just For You
As a thanks to everyone for taking the time to check out this page, you get one of the tracks completely free! You can download it from the player to the right.