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Better Than Buying An Album
For this low price you get nearly an hour of varied hard rock instrumentals that you can use royalty free in your commercial and non-commercial RPG/IG Maker projects.

Do you feel the need to make your game rock

just a little bit harder?

The Nothing Battles features fourteen instrumental hard rock tracks that will give your game a unique touch of awesome.

RPG/IG Maker Friendly
Featuring looped OGG Vorbis files for RPG Maker VX/Ace and WAVs for IG Maker.

Includes MP3s
Ever just want to listen to the music from your game? The MP3 version of the album is included as a bonus!

Bring Some Excitement To Your Soundtrack!

Most of the music you hear in RPG/IG Maker games consists of digital compositions and while there isn't anything wrong with that it can be nice to hear a real guitar wail in the background while you put the smack down on a boss fight or explore a treacherous dungeon. The Nothing Battles from Kain Vinosec will make your game stand out and rock the gamers just a little bit harder.

Feel Free To Have A Listen
Just in case you're still not convinced that this album will make your project explode with its dangerous melodies and riffs you can check out a few of the full tracks in the player to the right.

Buy The Nothing Battles Now! - $4.99


Special 2 week introductory price

Special 2 week introductory price